Chef Sandra


Having travelled the world and dined at the world's best Michelin restaurants, exchanging with the best Chefs, Sandra's cuisine is very popular in Europe and will get your tasting senses to a new level. 

Special cuisine events with fixed-price menus will be held at the Wolf's Den Restaurant where you'll be able to enjoy the real European Cuisine.

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French Gourmet Dinner Event Sunday September 27th 2020 with Chef Sandra Jost

Entrée /  Starter 

Soupe a l'oignon gratinée

French onion soup au gratin


Menu / Main

Boeuf Bouguignon avec purrée de céleri et pommes duchesses

Beef Bouguignon (French red wine braised beef stew) with celeri purree and Pommes duchesses


Fromage / Cheese

Assiette de 3 fromages avec confiture maison pêche-chili

Cheese platter of 3 different french kinds of cheese with home-made peach-chilli confiture


Dessert / Desert

Patisseries françaises

French pastries

4-course dining menu 59 CAD

Wine Pairing (3 selected matching french wines) 25 CAD